Property Management System on Cloud

Property Management System on Cloud

With all the tools that you need for a prolific hotel business

One Stop Solution to Simplify all your Hotel Operations

eZee Absolute is a highly flexible and feature rich cloud based Property Management System (PMS). Bringing together all the strength of cloud technology and value-added features, it simplifies hotel operations while utilizing every opportunity to boost hotel revenue.

Reservation Center

Providing several views with a combined dashboard to check availability and trail bookings, our reservation system takes care of all the important hotel operations.

Front Office Operations

The complex operations of the front office are carried out by the property management system in quick time-stamp, offering your front office staff a seamless approach to quickly carry out the tasks along with encouraging guest communication.

Flexible Group Management

Favoring you to take advantage of group bookings, eZee's online hotel management system allows you to carry out group bookings from a single point. Assisting you further, you can easily perform.

Profile Management

With the help of eZee Absolute, effortlessly manage multiple guest profiles, at the same time maintain the commission & revenue for all your booking sources such as travel agents, room owners etc.

User Privilege & Security Control

Providing you with utmost security, eZee Absolute PMS system allows you to maintain various access privileges for different users according to their requirements.

Charges, Deposits and Invoicing

eZee provides you with a significant attribute of posting extra charges on guest folios, levying various deposits as well as generate invoices in multiple currencies without any difficulty.

Email Marketing and Scheduling

Boost your guest engagement by sending out unlimited pre-arrival, in-house & post-departure emails to guest while encouraging personalized communication and building up guest loyalty.

Trouble Free Audit Trails

While updating you with every transaction at your property, eZee Cloud PMS system offers you multiple audit trails such as night audit and more, securing your hotel data more than ever

User-friendly Online Hotel Management Solution

Experience the Power of Ultimate Revenue Management

Awarding you with enticing profit margins, we offer you the most efficient revenue optimization tool. The diversified categories of rate management provision gives you an opportunity to maximize your sales while enriching guest service to attract more leisure and corporate travellers.

Automatic and Normal Rates

Differentiating between inclusive, exclusive and exempted rates is easier than ever. Making matters easy, you can also change the rates instantly as per requirement.

Seasonal Rates

eZee PMS software gives you complete control over your rate plans, allowing to configure various rates accordingly to changing seasonal demands after analyzing the market scenarios, ultimately maximizing your yield.

Contract Rates

Set and manage separate contract rates exclusively for your associate partners like business sources, connected OTAs, car rentals, taxi drivers, etc; which will automatically upsurge your bookings.

Negotiated Rates

Our flexible online hotel management system allows you to offer discounts and negotiated rates to retain and upscale booking from regular or high profile guests

Flexible Rate Rules

Adjusting the configured rate rules, the PMS system also allows you to set the rates for extra adult and extra child as well as apply discounts conforming to several rate plans.

Allocated Rates

Offering an exclusive section to your property website and OTAs, the eZee PMS lets you set the inventory depending on the sales brought by direct bookings and channel bookings.

Multiple Rate Support

Our cloud property management system renders multiple rate plans and rate types in a single day in order to get accustomed with guests' requirements.


Owing to the taxing order defined during configuration, the system will automatically fetch the tax charges to be posted on the guest bill.

More Reviews Means More ROI

eZee hotel booking software provides you an opportunity to request for feedbacks from your guests which helps you to not only enhance your service but also improve your online reach. Hence, your clientele expands.

PMS on mobile - what should you know about it?

We are here with a full-fledged application of eZee Absolute PMS. Loaded with all the features required for a hotelier to efficiently manage any kind of property, the PMS system is truly one of it's kind. Offering access to all operations consisting a PMS, the app will work on all kinds of networks (2G, 3G or 4G) regardless of the type of your property. Besides this, the simple and convenient interface of the app will give you an exceptional user experience

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Manage Multiple Properties with Single System
Multiple Properties with Single System

Manage Multiple Properties with Single System

Giving you an opportunity to easily manage and keep track of all your properties from a single panel, eZee hotel management system is most beneficial for hoteliers managing multiple properties

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Provide your guests the best housekeeping service in order to impart a lasting impact. Our housekeeping module allows your housekeeping staff to manage all housekeeping operations without any extra effort.

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Analytics and Reporting

Analytics and Reporting

eZee Absolute covers a wide range of reports that offer insights to all aspects of hotel operations. The range of graphical and chart reports varies from occupancy to housekeeping to channel distribution and analysis, We Have It All!

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Gratify the Tech-savvy Guest Through Our Hotel Guest Self Service Portal

More than 80% travelers worldwide use their smartphones for everything. Modern tech-savvy travelers expect their hotel to digitize, which you can achieve with the help of eZee's Hotel Guest Self Service Portal. Offering a wide range of benefits, the guests can request a change in their booking, manage their profiles, check in, and more with guest portal right from their mobile device.

On the other hand, our property management system also ensures that the final decision will always be yours, all the requests generated will be approved or rejected only after your confirmation, while advising your guest regarding the necessary updates. Giving the complete power to you!

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Few Words from our happy clients

I have been using Absolute PMS with a Channel Manager for some time now at my property, The Pacifico Colonial in Costa Rica. It is my pleasure to say that using the system has been easy and the connection from the OTAs to Absolute via the channel manager is problem free. Whenever I had any queries, the 24 hour support from eZee was always there to solve them. After so many years in the industry, I have yet to come across better support staff.

- Pacifico Colonial (Costa Rica)